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For as long as we can remember we had dreamt of creating our haven and when the opportunity unexpectedly presented itself, we knew instantly it was “the one!” All it needed was belief drive  and the courage to take a leap away from our office based lives, to develop a nurturing family home where our children and animals would be free-range and curious, as well as establishing a collection of unique retreats, drawing together a combination which we felt was in short supply….

Our vision was to create escapes where adventure, nature, stillness and idyllic seclusion went seamlessly hand in hand with bespoke master craftsmanship, sumptuous luxury and pieces sourced with an eye for beauty, comfort and an effortlessly unique style.

Wild Cabin Halcyon Luxury Glamping
Luxury Off-grid Hideaway Cabin Aurora

And so, Starbeds was born, we designed what we loved, deliberated carefully over a million details, each one important, each one embracing the unique essence of the Starbed experience. 

“We know first hand the profound benefits to be gained from slowing down, immersion in such a magical place, the importance of taking time out, the sense of fun and adventure – why else would we have a Supacat?! Carving out time for cold water swimming, paddle boarding, long walks, lazy summer picnics, beach days, beautiful gardens, history, the wild moorland, the stunning coast lines and the conservation of this phenomenal place – we love where we live, its heavenly  – we look forward to welcoming you.”

Bertie and Bryony


Hideaway Supacat Starbed Transfer

Immerse yourselves

In taking time out to stop rushing through life, they were amazed how much more life they had time for…

We look forward to welcoming you.

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